Chico First Business Sponsors:

Ramada Plaza- Monthly Meeting Conference Room

Chico Grocery Outlet- 20  cases of Bottled Water for Kids

Dragon Graphics- Banners & Business Cards

Fifth Sun & Sam Piper- Chico First Shirts & Logo Design

Home Depot- Grabbers- $25 gift card for paint supplies

Juan Cortez Photography- Chico First Monthly Cover Art

Lowes- Trash Bags & Gloves & $200 in building materials

Teamsters Union-Local 137-  Monetary

WalMart- Hip Waders, Nets, Short Axe, Rope, Clipboards/Pens, Brushes, Gloves, Grabbers, Masks, Trash Bags, Water

Rollling Stone Pizza Bar (inside New Earth Market)- 6 Lg. Pizzas donated to the kids!

West Coast Plumbing- Gloves, Grabbers, Trash Bags & Water- 530-894-3242

Bird in Hand- 530-893-0545-Prizes for the Children

First 5 Butte County- Books, toothbrucshes and toothpaste for the kids

Chico Heat Baseball Team- Mascot Heater Photo Op & Autographs

Clearly Candid Photography-Kid Event's Official Photographer

Orchard Supply Hardware (OSH)- Building Materials

Shubert's Ice Cream & Candy- 530-342-7163- Mobile Cart at Kids Event/ /20% of proceeds to C1st

Jamba Juice- 530-345-5355- Mobile Cart with free sample size drinks/20% of proceeds to C1st

Local 2010 Teamsters- $250 monetary donation

Johnny on the Spot- 530-893-5687- ADA Compliant Port-a-Potty

Golden Valley Bank- 530-894-1000- $100 monetary donation

Smart Foodservice Warehouse Stores-530-891-9140- Donation to CPOA for Kids Event

Party Town- 530-345-8696- 3 Balloon Bouqets

The Printed Image- 866-898-9525-Kids' T-Shirts at discounted rate

Dutch Bros.- Gift Cards

Java Detour- Gift Cards

Denny's- 530-345-1146- Discount Sctratchers

Tri-Counties Bank- Color Copies of Event Flyers

United Healthcare- 530-879-8000-Volunteer Statff for Event

Boys & Cirls Club of America- 530-899-0335- Volunteer Statff for Event

Upper Park Clothing- 530-774-2492- Discounted T-Shirts

Bidwell Presbytarian Church- 530-343-1484- Free Parking Lot for Event

CPOA- Use of Commercial BBQ & Food  

CPD- K-9 Demo, VIPS Classic Car, Outreach  

CFD-  Fire Engine, Fire Safety Tips, and Outreach

City of Chico Parks Dept.- Ranger Presence, Outreach, Tactile Activities

Chico First Individual Sponsors

Brett Bayma- Trash Bags, Water & Use of Pickup

Karl & Christine Hall- Monetary & Donation toward Grand Prize for Kids Event

Del Travis- Grabbers, Trash Bags, Water & Monetary x 2

Donna Marler- Cookies, Trash Bags & Water; Cake for Kids Event

Francine Picillo- Monetary, Monthly

John Kermen- Monetary, Monthly

Jeff & Kathy Shimizu- Use of Trailer for Lowes Cleanup

Kate Mutters- Cookies & Monetary

Suzanne Gray-Wong- Chico First Badges

Vera Carillo- Pending Dump Fee Donation

Drew Wong- Acoustic Guitar Music for Kids Event

Nathan R. Hall- Built 4 event booths for Kids Event

Casey Croninger- Built Corn Hole Games

Sue Skaggs- Face Painting Services for Kids Event
Lynne Schuepbach- Face Painting Services for Kids Event

Jayme Lee- Kids Event Project Lead

Louis Nava- Sanding & Painting booths & Corn Hole games

Kayla Nava- Artwork painting of booths

Jacqueline Glover- Sanded & painted booths

Misty Tanner- Donation Coordinator

Files coming soon.